Open House

St Oswald’s Church

First Sunday in the month at 10.30

Glory and gratitude and praise:
these we offer to God


The festival of tabernacles.  Reaching our goals – and saying thank you.

“Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find”


We celebrated the Epiphany.  We talked about the Wise Men and their journey.  How they found what they were looking for, although it was not what they expected.

“God bless us and disturb us”


We celebrated candlemas. Waiting and looking for spring as the days get longer.  Looking forward to Easter.


How they breakdown and are put back together.  We discussed between ourselves one of Jesus’ stories.

We prayed about forgiveness with washing hands, lighting candles and rubbing out patterns in sand.

“Help us hear the cries of families fleeing violence, bombing, torture and hatred.”

We retold the story of the prodigal son. We discussed how the people in the story felt about it.  Including the mother…   During the service, ome of us modelled aspects of family love, repentance and reconciliation.


We sat facing each other in the choir stalls for this service, as the main part of the church was not available.  We watched a dramatised version of the story of Jesus meeting two travellers on the Emmaus Road.  The travellers broke bread with him at supper time.

The Open House service is held at 10.30 am on the First Sunday of every month.  The service is open to all – and in particular to those who may not come to church often.  It is a more modern service.  But it welcomes everyone: including those who attend other services at St Oswald’s.  Our age range is normally under one to over ninety.